Search the list below for the memorial plaques erected at the arboretum - you will see the name of the track where the memorial is sited and a grid reference.  The grid reference is plotted on an aerial map - look here.

Surname and Christian Names

Adam - Rio   TRACK:  The Steps  GRID REF:  V71
Adamson - Tierney-Rose Quinnah Jeanette   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  O71
Alder - Cecil W   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  S77
Allan - Tracey Carol   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  L75
August - Beverley Jean   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  S70
Bayliss - Daniel & Alice   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
Bayliss - Les   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
Bayliss - Minnie   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
Beattie - Clive A   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  N78
Boaler - Brent Gordon   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  Q80
Bradley - L.E. (Pat)   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  K72
Bradley - Suella Jane   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  U73
Bronte - Roger Andrew   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V84
Brooks - Jack & Jay   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  O76
Campbell - Marjorie Villers   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  R82
Caro - Athol Raplph (Boy)   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V81
CHB Federation CWI -    TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  H71
Childs - Laurel Gwendolene   TRACK:  The Steps  GRID REF:  V72
Coles - Jean   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  Q77
Coles - John   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  Q77
Crispin - Bridget "Nan"   TRACK:  The Steps  GRID REF:  W72
Crispin - Fred   TRACK:  The Steps  GRID REF:  W72
Cudby - John Frederick   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  J73
Curd - Gwendoline   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  P80
Curd - John Burling   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  P80
Curran - Elizabeth Joan   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  V70
Dalmon - Christine Mary   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  I71
Dalmon - Kerry John Veo   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  I71
Dalzell - Iris Rosemary Lillian   TRACK:  Cattle Yards  GRID REF:  V92
Dalzell - Norman Earl   TRACK:  Cattle Yards  GRID REF:  V92
de Julie   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  Q71
deMalmanche - Mick   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  P71
deMalmanche - Pat   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  P71
deMalmanche - Sheree   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  P71
Donghi - Paul Philip   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  P71
Douglas - Joy   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V85
Douglas - Stan   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V85
Downey - Nancy Purnell   TRACK:  Hairpin Cnr  GRID REF:  F71
Duckett - Bill   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  M73
Dunn - Geoffrey Francis   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  I73
Eastwood - Kathleen Home (Kay)   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  R77
Flett - Githa Crawford   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  P81
Gabb - Alfred Percival   TRACK:  Cattle Yards  GRID REF:  V90
Gabb - Beverly Patricia   TRACK:  Cattle Yards  GRID REF:  V90
Garner - Norman   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  V73
Gough - Joy   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  T70
Gough - Ron   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  T70
Graham - Peggy   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  E71
Graham - Victor William   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  E71
Grant - Levi Paul   TRACK:  Hairpin Cnr  GRID REF:  A69
Griffiths - Gwyneth   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  P76
Growse - Peter   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  T71
Hamilton - Joan   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N73
Hamilton - Mary Rachel   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  M73
Hamilton - William (Bill)   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N73
Hanna - Robert John   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  R71
Hanson - Louis Derry   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  R71
Hanson - Patricia   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  R71
Harrisson - Lorraine   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  T85
Howell - Lynette   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  J71
Howell - Wayne   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  I71
Hubbard - Agnes Christina Sarah (Chris)   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  Q76
Hubbard - Sheila Mary Huntly   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  Q77
Jinkerson - R W   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  L76
Johansen - Lance   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  M71
Joll - Keith Percival   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  T73
Joll - Rory William Keith   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  T73
King - Ann   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  U73
King - Charles   TRACK:  Hairpin Cnr  GRID REF:  B69
King - Louie   TRACK:  Hairpin Cnr  GRID REF:  B69
King - Phyllis   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  T85
King - Raymond George   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  U73
Kyle - Desmond Rosewarne   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  R81
Lewis - Barbara Mary   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  P76
Lewis - Harley S   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  P76
Liddle - Katherine Alison   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  R77
Liddle - Nein   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  R78
Liddle - Robert Hassell   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  R77
Madden - Vicki Teresa   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  L72
Massey - W.R. (Bill)   TRACK:  The Steps  GRID REF:  V71
Matthews - George Henry   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  S84
Matthews - Margo   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  J73
Matthews - Thelma   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  S84
Matthews - Walter   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  J73
McCullough - Alison Jean   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
McCullough - Ruth Ellen   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
McCullough - William James   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
McKennie - Gordon   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  R83
McKennie - Graeme   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  R83
McLaren - Annabel   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  P76
McLeod - Jean   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  N78
McMillan - Gladys Victoria   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  M76
McMillan - Hugh   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  M76
McQuade - Grace   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  P71
Meredith - Mervyn Willis   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  P79
Mills - Euphemia Martha   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  M73
Mills - John (Jack)   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  M73
Mouat - William Andrew   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V82
Norriss - Alice Wood   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  R70
Norriss - Ernest William   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  R70
Oldham - Raymomd Miller   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V81
Onga Onga Garden Centre -    TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V82
Parkes - Craig Lyndon   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
Paterson - Victor James   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  U85
Rennie - Clemency Agnes Empson   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  L72
Rickey - Alan "Rick"   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  V73
Ross - Geraldine   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  U78
Ross - John Malcolm (Malc)   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  T78
Simmons - William Richard (Bill)   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  Q81
Sleeman - Raewyn Morverna   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V83
Speakman - John   TRACK:  Alder Loop  GRID REF:  T72
Staines - Joan Edith   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  L72
Staines - Thomas Leslie   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  L72
Stewart - Donald W M   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V84
Stirling - Margaret   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V84
Stirling - Ron   TRACK:  Pa View  GRID REF:  V84
Tait - Keith Ross   TRACK:  Bullrush Bridge  GRID REF:  S71
Tarrant - Charles William   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  O79
Terry - Audrey May   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  T85
Terry - Mervyn Robert   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  T85
Trewheelar - Colleen Dawn   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  S78
Trewheelar - Joan   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  S78
Trewheelar - Thurston Arthur   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  S78
Webb - Roly   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  V86
Williams - Noel Hubert   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  R81
Williams - Rina   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  R81
Wilson - Thomas William (Bill)   TRACK:  Cattle Yards  GRID REF:  K75
Winchcombe - Alec   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  L76
Winchcombe - Nell   TRACK:  San Hill Road  GRID REF:  L76
Wpk Herb Society -    TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  R77
Wright - Jessie   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  N75
Wright - Noel   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  P76
Wyn Harris - Patricia Dawn   TRACK:  Swamp Track  GRID REF:  U78